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słomki papierowe

,,it is only one straw,, - said

8 billion people .

słomki do koktajli smoothie

We encourage to cooperation bars , pubs, restaurants , hotels , wholesalers and everyone who wants  to replace  plastic straws  and contribute  to decreasing of use plastic material in our environment.

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Production process.


We chose bamboo to be our main material because of its sustainability. Unlike trees, bamboo reaches maturity in 3 years, therefore collecting them adequately benefits the bamboo ecology. There are 185 thousand hectares of bamboo forest in Taiwan, only 11 thousand hectares of bamboo forest is needed to supply the 600 billion straw usage in the entire world annually, the burden on the world’s natural resources is minimal. 

“Dry processing and forming” is our latest and one of a kind invention. This technique does not require any chemical to destroy the plant structure, but rather by only grinding plant into powder and processing them into natural bamboo fiber. The whole process does not produce any water pollution. The processing temperature is also strictly controlled under 200°C to effectively ensure low carbon emission.

Why our straws are unique ?

słomki ekologiczne

Do not consist any plastic or PLA .

Temperature resistance of          -20 ~ +100 C. 

Never get soggy.

Ideal for smoothie or coctail.

Do not release any smell or flavour. 

Have Cetrificates and Food Contact Material Tests.

Are biodegradable under natural conditions.

Completely free of plastic , bioplastic (green plastic), and PLA.

Made from natural bamboo fiber.

Biodegradable under natural conditions. 

Temperature resistance of -20  +100 C.


Plastic pollution is having a greatly negative impact on our oceans and wildlife health, and plastic straws is one of the easiest sources of pollution. It is finally becoming a major focus of recent environmental campaigns. More and more countries are taking actions to ban plastic straws and are searching for replacement solutions. 


All our products are made from 100% natural bamboo fiber, chemical and plastic -free, completely combustible and are biodegradable under natural conditions.


First straws made from 100 % natural ingredients , perfect for all kinds of drinks. 

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